More 2020 dates confirmed

Manchester High Peak VMCC 2020 Trials Dates.

26/01/2020 Potts Shrigley
23/02/2020 Potts Shrigley
29/03/2020 Higher Whitmore Farm Biddulph
26/04/2020 Mow Cop, CHARITY TRIAL.
17/05/2020 Potts Shrigley
14/06/2020 Potts Shrigley
11/07/2020 EVENING TRIAL Mow Cop Start time 1500hrs
08/08/2020 EVENING TRIAL Potts Shrigley, Start time 1500hrs
29/08/2012 EVENING TRIAL Lima Farm. Start time 1500hrs.
27/09/2020 Higher Whitmore Farm Biddulph.
25/10/2020 Mow Cop.
22/11/2020 Potts Shrigley

 Dates for Stafford Auto for 2020.

12th April

7th June

16th August

25th October

26th December

Don’t forget theses dates could be subject to change so always check never to the date of the events.